Our company is currently qualified to perform and bid both Private, Federal and Public Works contracts in a broad range of NAICS Codes and Service Disciplines.
PC Mechanical, Inc. holds specialty equipment licenses and General Contractors “B” License.
PC Mechanical, Inc. incorporates the philosophy that excellence is achieved by commitment to “Total Client Satisfaction”. This excellence is achieved by Safety First, Personnel Qualifications and Training, Total Quality Management and Direct Customer Involvement

Statement of Qualifications

PC Mechanical, Inc. maintains an experienced staff of management team members, supervisory personnel and professional technicians and craftsmen, working together to execute customer project needs from concept to completion. PC Mechanical, Inc.’s experience and training level allows management to identify the most cost-effective route to meet project completion, within schedule and budget. Our goal is to provide adequate solutions in the most cost-effective manner through the application of experience, knowledge, innovation, and technology.

Safety and Insurance

The safety and training of our employees is of the highest priority at all times. Our policy is to provide safety controls, checks, and reviews for the protection of the lives and health of all employees and other persons and to prevent damage to property, materials, supplies, and equipment. PC Mechanical, Inc. constantly strives to avoid work interruptions and to comply with all applicable safety regulations and requirements; and taking all such additional safety measures and precautions as deemed necessary.
PC Mechanical, Inc. has maintained an average EMR (experience modification rate) under 77% since starting business in January 1991. Our Workers Compensation Insurance carrier loves us, as our track record confirms that we perform our daily activities 23% safer than all other companies in our industry. PC Mechanical Inc. has received numerous awards from the Oil Industry and the Government for our outstanding safe work practices.
PC Mechanical, Inc. holds insurance coverage in the amount of $3,000,000.00 General Liability and Vehicle Insurance, and $1,000,000.00 coverage for Workers Compensation, both USL&H offshore and State onshore.