Government Contract Management System

Starting in 2003, PC Mechanical Inc. has been awarded a series of multi-year contracts to repair/refurbish/recondition military support equipment. This vast variety and type of equipment comes back into the United States to two points: Port Hueneme, CA, on the west coast, and Gulfport, MS, on the east coast.

PC Mechanical Inc. transports the west coast equipment to our 67,000 square foot shop facility in Santa Maria, CA, for repairs, as well as to numerous subcontractors throughout California, depending on the volume of equipment and necessary repair time schedules. Equipment shipped to the east coast is handled by subcontractors out of Gulfport, MS.
In order to properly track and coordinate the repairs to the high volume of equipment in process on both sides of the United States, PC Mechanical Inc. developed a complex web-based equipment management system.
This web-based contract management system allows us to individually track thousands of pieces of equipment, from large bulldozers, trucks, and cranes to small light stands, saws, and water tanks.
Every single piece of equipment is identified, cost repair proposals submitted, and approvals to proceed with necessary time schedules entered at numerous repair sites across the country. Throughout the entire repair process, each piece of equipment is documented with real-time percent complete status, inspection schedules by government personnel, billing and payment status and final acceptance and delivery dates.
PC Mechanical Inc. along with all of our team of subcontractors and government personnel have access to this web-based management system, all make current entries into same, can review repair status each piece of equipment, run reports on blocks of equipment, or by contract numbers, etc.
A partial list of our Teaming/Joint Venture/Subcontractor relationships can be found under our Recent Active Client List, and is constantly growing to fill increased volume demands as quality subcontractors are located.